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Welcome to Jewlz Online, the ultimate online bead and jewelry art store! We supply beaders, jewelry artists, and crafters with all their needs and provide inspiration and instruction for most any jewelry making or manufacturing project. We design and make fabulous custom-made jewelry to order for bridal parties, festivals, and productions, and also do light manufacturing for commercial merchandising. Our finished jewelry is proudly made in the USA by Americans. We have logged many years of lapidary experience in cutting and polishing the stones that are focals for our unique, one-of-a-kind stone jewelry.

You will also find our site informative if you seek ancient knowledge and legend regarding the metaphysical, mystical, and magical properties and energies of stones and crystals. Many such sites exist online (and many good books have been written) on these subjects, but Jewlz is the place to come for daily suggestions on healing, guidance, and beneficial effects derived from elements of the Earth. Look for an online forum soon where knowledge is collected, exchanged, and freely shared for the benefit of all—as well as a daily interactive stone reading.

Please note that much of the aforementioned features of this site are still under construction. Watch our Facebook posts for the latest developments.

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